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The philosophical idea of will to power is that a person’s drive is the activity and mastery of power, in contrast to will to live, or natural instinct. While will to live is simply the drive to stay alive, will to power is the concept that being active and taking control is what really motivates people in their actions and desires.

I honestly can not think of a day to day use of the phrase ‘will to power’. The only thing I can think of in opposition of its philosophical definition is the possible use of the phrase as a description of someone who is particularly on a power trip.

I belief as a Christian that after creation, man sinned and brought about human depravity. The will to power is a direct result of this depravity; while will to live is not necessarily deprave, will to power is.

Others may think that will to power is an innocent and natural way of existence. I however as stated before, believe that while the human race as a whole may tend to strive for power, this is not a good or praiseworthy thing.

Feminism is one of the first things that pops into my head when I think about will to power. At a first glance it may seem that the only reason women, or any other minority groups for that matter, strive for more power is because its just the way of things; women want more power because we all do. Though I think there is a clear distinction between seeking equal treatment and seeking more power. Women are inarguably not asĀ privilegedĀ as men in our American society. For reasons beyond this discussion, women do not have the recognition or respect the men do today in general. While the feminist movement is definitely making a move to gain more power, it is not rooted in a grasp for domination of men (in general), but a grasp for equality. They only want to be treated as peers, and this is not to be condemned as ‘depravity of man’. Equality and acceptance is a good and worthy cause for any people group.

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Posted by on May 28th, 2010 at 8:41 am