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Socialism is the philosophical ideal of a government that controls the manufacturing and distributions of all products of labor. The idea being that everyone is treated equally as far as material, and even otherwise, allocation. This is in contrast to Capitalism; and most recently communism has been the poster child for socialism.

The every day use of the word ‘socialism’ can often be directly meant to be another word for communism. Communism is not socialism, but to be true to Karl Marx, communism is a utopian society that is the result of the abolishment of distinction between class, race, and gender.

My feelings about democracy are directly related to socialism. I am so thankful for America and her democracy (or republic really), but I see so much in socialism that is beautiful. I believe that democracy is very adequate, but that socialism could eventually (and hopefully) develop as a result of a love for each other from the people of our country.

Many people think that socialism means the taking away of ‘rights’, ‘just desserts’, or ‘what people deserve’; that if socialism had it’s way, the lazy man would be rewarded for his laziness and the hard working man wouldn’t be rewarded for his hard work. I disagree completely; socialism is only built out of love for your fellow man/woman. It’s the people who are so concerned that they get more privilege than their neighbor because of their ‘great service’ that make socialism so hard to achieve.

Socialism and idealism go hand in hand to me. I so badly want and wish for a true and pure socialist society, but I know the failings of myself first, and my fellow man, make it so almost unattainable. Yet I see progress in this direction, even today under the presidency of President Obama. This is one thing he is constantly under attack for from his opponents, that his policies are too socialistic. Ever since communist Russia, people are scared (and rightly so), of anything with the ‘socialism’ tag. Yet we are so often concerned with our own betterment that we forget about our fellow man/woman. I believe that socialism is right on the border of being idealistic (and maybe its that belief that by the definition of idealism, makes it idealistic), that if everyone could just love each other a little bit more, we could make socialism work. I see progress towards that, and while maybe being idealistic, I cannot give up on it yet.

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Posted by on May 28th, 2010 at 9:09 am