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Idealism is the view that material things are not the foundation of reality, but rather ideas. It is the philosophical idea that things only exist as we perceive them, a result of our mind.

The more ordinary use of the word ‘idealism’ is used to describe the views of someone who does not focus on reality, but rather something imagined in the mind that is not yet realized in reality.

My belief in God is somewhat connected to Idealism. I know that there are some ‘ideas’ that are more real and true than material things, but I am not an agnostic. Material things are very real as well.

Other people often think that Idealism means someone has their ‘head in the clouds’ and denies all material realities. I disagree. I think that reality often exists in our minds, and is very achievable, though perhaps only through the power of God. Sometimes people say that belief in God, spirits,heaven and hell, ect. is idealism in itself, but I also disagree again because I believe that all these things can have physical effects, even going so far as Christ manifesting Himself as a human in material form.

Idealism and Social Contract have an interesting relationship. Social Contract is the idea that government really only exists as the majority of people view/imagine it in their minds. They give government control as they will it, not through any pre-existing material determinant. In this way, the idea of Social Contract seems somewhat Idealistic in its purest form. When the majority change their minds about what government looks like, the government changes with their idea. This is prevented in everyday life by the physical ramifications of earlier manifestations of imagined government, but it does seem plausable… which in itself is the definition of Idealism!

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Posted by on May 11th, 2010 at 5:39 am