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Socialism is the philosophical ideal of a government that controls the manufacturing and distributions of all products of labor. The idea being that everyone is treated equally as far as material, and even otherwise, allocation. This is in contrast to Capitalism; and most recently communism has been the poster child for socialism. The every day […]

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The philosophical idea of will to power is that a person’s drive is the activity and mastery of power, in contrast to will to live, or natural instinct. While will to live is simply the drive to stay alive, will to power is the concept that being active and taking control is what really motivates […]

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Idealism is the view that material things are not the foundation of reality, but rather ideas. It is the philosophical idea that things only exist as we perceive them, a result of our mind. The more ordinary use of the word ‘idealism’ is used to describe the views of someone who does not focus on […]

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The Social Contract in philosophy refers to the idea that ‘government’ is the society created by the common will of individuals. These individuals participate because the feel it is more beneficial to associate with each other than to remain in isolation, and political authority is only valid by their consent. I find that this word […]

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