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Materialism is the belief that the only thing that exists is matter. Conciousness, emotion, and other such unseen things are explainable as aspects of matter.

This is to be differentiated from the everyday use of the word ‘materialism’ that means material things are all the only important things in life, though you can see this usage has its foundation in the philosphical definition.

Materialism is a farce according to my beliefs. My belief in a God that created ‘matter’ from nothing, and that people have a body and a soul that is matterless, makes it impossible for me to believe that only matter exists.

However, materialism is a common belief. Many have their ‘faith’ in science; that it can explain everything from the creation of our universe to emotions in terms of atomic interactions. This means that there is no God and no eternal soul, which heavily affects how someone should feel led to live their life. I find the everyday use of the word materialism to be more accurate than the philosophical definition in my opinion. Materialism is an obsession with the material that leads men to care more for pleasure than for their fellow man.

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Posted by on April 26th, 2010 at 6:30 am