“What’sIt!” – Definitions

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  1. Apostle: One of the twelve men (as well as Paul) specially commissioned by Jesus to preach the gospel.
  2. Gnostic: An adherent to a religious movement that competed with Christianity in its earliest days. It is characterized by the beliefs that matter is evil, that gnosis (or enlightenment) is the highest religious ideal, and that there is a distinction between one supreme God and lesser deities (such as the demiurge).
  3. Codex Sinaiticus: One of the earliest examples of a complete Greek New Testament.
  4. Bishop
  5. Pentarchy
  6. Eremetic monasticism
  7. Cenobitic monasticism
  8.   Council of Nicaea
  9. Council of Ephesus
  10. Council of Chalcedon
  11. Council of Constantinople
  12. Miaphysite
  13. Theotokos
  14. Patriarchate
  15. Creed
  16. Oecumenical
  17. Basilica (See pg. 197)
  18. Holy Sepulchre
  19. Ousia
  20. Homoousios
  21. Prosopon
  22. Physis
  23. Hypostasis
  24. Canon: The books of Scripture determined by the church to be authentic.
  25. Trinity: The belief that there are three persons within one divine essence.
  26. Christology: The doctrine of Christ.
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