Tafakor Monthly (1)

In the first episode of “Persian Culture and Art Nights”, after a short introduction about our ideas for 2017/2018 academic year, we went through some of the most famous traditional and modern Persian poems. Oct 12 is an official day named on behalf of Hafez in Iran and we were lucky to have a guest who is professional in Hafez’s ghazals in our event. Her 10 min talk about Hafez brought an amazing moment to our community.

In the second section of our event, we watched a short movie together. “From the Eastern Lands”, with the magic of music and simple frames the narrator of movie talks about a deep feeling; she illustrates a love and separation of a young couple, due to immigration.

In the last part of this event, Arash read one of the Jalal Al-Ahmed’s short stories. “Aftab-eh Labeh Bam” is about a traditional family in Iran in 1948. Jalal Al-Ahmed talks about the side effects of the overlap of religious and traditions in a family and especially women’s lives.

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