The Learning Center is a classroom for INTO OSU classes as well as an open learning/computer center for INTO OSU. We are located on the 1st floor of the ILLC building and have a variety of resources to help you improve your English skills.

Our staff is here to help you—we hope you will come visit us!

Learning Center Open Hours
We are open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday – Friday. Please see our schedule for tutoring times.

Computer Lab
Our computers are equipped with a variety of software programs to help you improve your English and typing skills. You may also use our computer lab to type assignments, record speaking assignments, and use the internet. You may use the Learning Center printers to print assignments for classes; printing costs 7¢ per page and is charged to your ONID account (we do not offer color printing). Additionally we have a scanner available for your use.

The Learning Center’s Delicious page also has links to a variety of online activities to help you improve your English.

Learning Center Library
We have a variety of books, magazines,  DVDs, and test study materials to help you improve your English. Some books, DVDs, and some test study materials can be checked out for use at home. Test study materials include TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and IELTS books and CDs.

WRAP (Writing and Pronunciation) Appointments
We have trained WRAP assistants available to help with you with your writing and pronunciation. You can sign up for 20-25-minute appointments during tutoring hours. Please do not make more than two appointments per week. WRAP tutors are available to current Academic (AE) or General (GE) English students only.

Please note that WRAP assistants help you with writing by teaching you tools to improve your own writing by focusing on pre-writing, organization, thesis and content development, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, and format. This is not an editing service.
Sign up for a WRAP appointment

Pathway Peer Tutoring Program
We have trained tutors that are available to assist Pathways students in the following areas: engineering, history, anthropology, business, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, chemistry and others. Pathway tutors are available to current Pathway students only.
Sign up for a Pathway Peer Tutoring appointment

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