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Progression to Pathway, CAP and OSU Degree Programs

February 13th, 2013

Starting April 1, 2013, students who are studying in the INTO OSU Center in any ESL program (General English/Academic English/Conditional Pathway/CAPN/Campus Year Abroad/Study Abroad With English) who are planning to enter a Pathway, Conditional Admission Program (CAP), or OSU degree seeking program must meet the following requirements to progress or be admitted to the relevant academic program (these requirements include those who receive a qualifying external test such as IELTS or TOEFL English language proficiency score):

  • Complete the term you are enrolled in Good Attendance Standing (Not on Attendance Warning, Probation, or Suspension)
  • Complete the term you are enrolled in with Cs or better in Reading/Writing, Listening/Speaking and passing grades in elective courses
  • Current Enrollment not more than 1 language level below the desired entry level. Students cannot skip more than one language level to progress to an academic program based on an English language proficiency score. For example, a student who is currently in level 3 would, at most, be eligible to progress to level 5.

Students who are denied admission based on fulfillment of the language proficiency requirement may appeal the decision. The appeal will be reviewed by a committee to determine whether the language proficiency requirement has been fulfilled. The committee will consider a variety of factors including, but not limited to, academic performance, language level in Center, and ability for the student to be successful in the desired program.

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