In this blog, we do our best to share some of the interesting and compelling examples of how technology can be used for both information dissemination; and, more relevant to our domain, for instructional purposes.  We do our best to keep the focus of our posts within the realm of instructional communications, and where possible, with a focus on new media.  As mentioned, we are an academic department who see blogging as another channel of scholastic activity.  Our larger group of colleagues routinely produces news articles, journals, magazines and Extension or Ag-related websites.  We have more recently begun to focus on web-based multimedia and E-learning as methods to communicate with our target audience and with every new project, we find that new forms of media expand the range of our group’s ability to innovate and work together in ways that we have never done before.

We believe that the confluence between our audience’s needs and our group’s skill sets is a fertile environment to explore issues of how technology overlaps with user engagement, access, and accomodation; so, we hope that you will enjoy this blog.  Please don’t forget to subscribe if you would like content updates.

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