In our first video blog, EP Blogger Jeff Hino offers some tips for creating ear-friendly podcasts.


Lately I’ve been absorbed in podcasts on a variety of topics—instructional gaming, carbon markets, sleep deprivation…. I find what I want to learn about on the Web, sync to my iPhone, and listen on the go at my convenience.

Podcasts can be audio or video. RSS feeds provide subscribers the latest files, to be watched or listened to on a computer or any number of mobile devices. Podcasting makes content convenient both in time and space.NW Gardens Podcast_sm

I hope I’m learning something from what I am listening to, but I’ve also been mulling over what I’m learning about the podcasting experience itself. I have 10 observations:

  1. Listening to human voices talking—especially on headphones, but disconnected from visual input such as reading or watching—has an immediate, connecting, personalizing quality. Audio podcasting can capitalize on the fact that voices in isolation are enchanting to many ears, in some cases more powerful than in combination with visual images. Read the rest of this entry »