We’ll be back after this short break!

Inspiration Dissemination will be off the air for the next two weekends, as Zhian and I will be out of town for various reasons and unable to host. But have no fear! June 7th we return, and will be interviewing Beatrice Moissinac who studies Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS). She describes her work as, “a branch of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that looks at how a computer can learn to become an expert at a task, and then teach this task to a human using lessons and exercises designed by the computer itself.” Beatrice is working at Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) at OSU, “to develop Virtual Learning Environments”.

She says her first application is Fire Safety: How do you teach someone how to get out of a building on fire?

She’s probably right to be worried (the rope ladder I keep under my bed is a little dated), and we can’t wait to find out what her research in artificial intelligence has to say about fire safety!


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Matt McConnell is from Midland, Michigan and received his undergraduate BS in Psychology and Philosophy at Central Michigan University. After graduating he spent several years in North Carolina. Most of this was at UNC working as a medical research lab assistant using mice as model organisms, but some of his work also involved cognitive research with Rhesus Macaques at a Duke University field site in Puerto Rico. Matt currently live in Corvallis, OR where he attends OSU as a graduate student in the History of Science master's program. He is taking Science Education as a related minor, with an emphasis in Free Choice Learning. His interests in History of Science and Science Education meet on the practice of Science Communication. Matt is currently co-host of the weekly radio show 'Inspiration Dissemination', in which graduate students discuss their personal journeys. Inspiration Dissemination is open to all graduate students and airs every Sunday evening at 7pm on 88.7 FM, KBVR Corvallis.

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