What will we be doing on May 23rd?

Being innovative. Spending an entire day thinking of creative solutions to our often complex challenges in Extension. Perhaps even putting together the most non-traditional funding or idea proposal you have ever created.

Here is an overview of the event timeline:

  1. Team work session  = brainstorm ways to update programs, ways of teaching/working, or just think of creative solutions to Extension challenges. The sky is the limit!
  2. Team “pitch” development. Using what resources are available to you during the event, your team will create a very brief presentation – or “pitch” – of your best idea, solution, or even prototype.
  3. Voting! All teams and others in attendance (including Scott Reed, Lindsey Shirley and other administrators) will vote for the winning team(s) based on the pitch session.
  4. The winning team(s) will go home with awesome prizes – including potential funding to turn their amazing idea into a reality! And all participants will take home some cool swag items.

Ready to register?

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Deadline to sign up was 4/10.

Want to know more about Innovate Extension? Check out the FAQ for all the details.

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