Professor and Chair of Statistics in the School of Engineering and Director of CoFES, Rice University

Keynote Speaker

Katherine Ensor received a B.S.E. and M.S. in Mathematics from Arkansas State University in 1981 and 1982. In 1986, she obtained her Ph.D. in Statistics from Texas A&M University. She has held many positions in her career includiing being a Professor and Chair of the Department of Statistics at Rice University since 1999. Since 2008, Dr. Ensor has also been the Faculty lead for the Environmental Analysis and Decision making, Professional Science Masters Program. Beginning in 2003, Dr. Ensor became the Founding Director for the Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems. Dr. Katherine Ensor works on the theoretical development of statistical methods for practical problems. Her primary emphasis is the analysis of dependent data as it relates to environmental statistics and financial statistics. She has also done significant work in the area of simulation based estimation for stochastic processes. The underlying premise of this latter research effort is the practical implementation of stochastic models as a data analysis tool.

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