• OSU Ecampus Research Unit Report Reader Checklist — This checklist and website includes a comprehensive set of criteria that offers report readers a guide to evaluate the quality and rigor of online education study reports they may encounter in their work. The checklist features six focus areas: context, methodology, sample, reporting results, transparency and reader experience.
  • Diigo: Oregon State University Ecampus – Resources for online course design and teaching, gathered by Oregon State University Ecampus instructional designers.  (You must join this group before you can access the materials.)

Learning Theories

  • Making Classroom’s Better – Includes 50 best practices for designing learning based on neuroscience.
  • iGen Author spoke at OLC (11/18). Overview of characteristics for children born in the mid-1990s (college aged kids, now). How they spend their time, attitudes, etc. Implications for learning.

Productivity Time/Management

  • Zen to Done – Simplified version of David Allen’s GTD with tangible implementation process.
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