CTDizzle Mk 2

Now with more lights!

I’ve added some code that will make the OpenCTD a little more user friendly when used in the field. There might be times when a computer is not accessible, so I have set the Qduino to display different LED colors if certain conditions are met.

I have also integrated an RTC into the unit, so timekeeping is now kept even when main power is removed. I anticipate that a fully charged battery could keep the unit running for a little over 50 hours. I might be able to increase this by turning off the LED on the Atlas EC EZO. Or by using a bigger battery. No luck with a reed switch yet.

I have ordered parts from McMaster Carr and will hopefully have another case built by the end of next week. With some luck, it should be able to go down to 50m without the use of mineral oil.


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