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Why “It’s all on Canvas!” is not a helpful answer

Online Course Design Pitfall #1: Upload your course materials, then call it a day. It’s easy to blame students for their inability to find the assignment, or for making “lame” excuses for why they didn’t do the reading. However, since … Continue reading

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We read a few different articles in Week 3.  In the ones that covered technology, it was interesting to see that at least one article said “don’t do too much technology too soon”, while others said to make use of … Continue reading

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Hybrid class and engagement in the community

Students in my class are matched to a community organization with whom they develop an evaluation plan. I tell my students there’s no right answer. In this class, you don’t turn to the back of the textbook to find the … Continue reading

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MTH 493/593 Algebra and Geometric Transformations III

This is the third course in a “capstone” sequence of mathematics courses for those mathematics majors who intend to pursue licensure to teach secondary school mathematics.  It is a slash course since the MS degree program for licensure draws students … Continue reading

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Eric’s Hybrid Course in a Nutshell

Course: SED 412/512 Foundations of Technology in Teaching Math and Science At its core, the course I am redesigning for hybrid delivery focuses on educating pre-service teachers on effectively integrating technology into mathematics and science classrooms. This naturally involves a … Continue reading

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