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Do you want to know where puppies and kittens come from?

Fundamentals of dog and cat breeding will be taught in ANS 456: Companion Animal Production. Concepts covered include housing, feeding, breeding stock selection, and as well as biology and environment management from estrus through parturition to weaning. Due to the … Continue reading

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Hybridizing BEE 320

BEE 320 is a 4-credit very hands-on introduction to modeling and analysis techniques, applied to biological and ecological analyses.  Students learn basic techniques and strategies in analyzing data and developing explanatory models from that data.  A variety of modeling approaches … Continue reading

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ANS 445- Beef Production Systems

This senior level course will be taught next fall. This will actually be my second time of teaching this class as a hybrid. Late last spring term of 2016 I made the decision to change it to a hybrid for … Continue reading

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BA215 Hybrid Development

I am developing BA215, Fundamentals of Accounting, to be ready to deliver as a hybrid in the Fall of 2017. This class is a survey course of accounting for non-business majors. It is required of Business minors, and required or … Continue reading

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CMS Driving your Course? Should it?

As an adopter of the Flipped/Hybrid course philosophy, I am very blessed in that I come for a background in computer science. Why is this such a  blessing for me is that I don’t fall into the trap of my … Continue reading

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Don’t upload then leave, you know better!!

As I’ve listened too many of former students and advisee’s, there are instructors and professors that just assign readings, lectures, or articles in their classes and leave it up to the students to decide who to go about understanding the … Continue reading

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From Pitfall to Springboard

I would like to avoid Pitfalls 4 & 5. My experience with Pitfall 5 – In the Leadership Collaborative (LC), Learning Teams play a crucial role at the nexus of theory and praxis.  In the F2F sessions, Learning Teams are … Continue reading

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Come to a Hands-on Blended Learning Workshop

Explore tools and techniques to integrate online and classroom learning in your courses. Learn effective blended/hybrid teaching practices in this hands-on CTL workshop on Friday, Feb. 3 1:00-2:30 p.m., in Milam 215. All faculty and GTA’s welcome. Please bring your … Continue reading

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DHE263 in a Nutshell

This class’s title is Human Centered Design: Theories and Strategies. Human Centered Design (HCD) means the approach to design process that is iterative rather than linear. It is a problem solving method that is user driven. To understand what HCD … Continue reading

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BEE 468/568: Remediation of contaminated soil and water using microbes, mushrooms, and plants

The hybrid course I am developing is an upper-level undergraduate and graduate course. It covers fundamental and engineering aspects of bioremediation that uses microorganisms, fungi, and plants to remediate contaminated soil, groundwater, and surface water. It also has a lab section that requires students … Continue reading

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