Get To Know Our Staff: Cheyla!


Name: Cheyla Moranchel

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

HSRC Job Title: Textbook Lending Program Coordinator

Major/minor: Public Health and Human Development & Family Sciences, minor Business

Career Aspirations: Eventually I want to work in a Hospital managerial setting to improve patient experience.

Why did you want to work at the HSRC? I was inspired by HSRC’s mission and the impact the programs had on students as well as the community.

What will you be working on? This year I will focusing taking non-used textbooks out of the library and building relationships with professors to create more constant communication per year or per term.

What do you like to do in your free time? Hiking, running, playing catch with my dog, dancing, and reading!

What’s your favorite yummy and cheap meal that you like to make? Salad

Do you have any tips for students on how to save money? Get involved and attend events that provide free food. HSRC has many great resources so be sure to check out the resources offered.

What are you favorite things to do in Corvallis? In Corvallis specifically, I like biking/running/walking to the covered bridge.

Where is your favorite spot to relax on campus? Asian & Pacific Cultural Center

What is your favorite TV show and why? Although I do not like cupcakes, I love watching Cupcake Wars. Why? Umm… I think it’s because of the competition and cool designs and events.


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