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Emi Ampo and Arthur York – Fulbright 2020

Honors College students Emi Ampo and Arthur York have received prestigious international research scholarships through the Fulbright-MITACS Canada Globalink program. Arthur was also accepted into the DAAD Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE) German academic exchange program.

COVID-19 restrictions have forced the cancellation of these internships, but their acceptance in these programs is a remarkable accomplishment, says Oregon State University Coordinator for Prestigious Scholarships LeAnn Adam. Both the Fulbright and DAAD RISE scholarships are highly competitive.

The Fulbright-MITACS Canada Globalink program is open to U.S. students pursuing research in their area of interest. Awardees are given the opportunity to perform research with a professor at a Canadian university for 10-12 weeks between May and August. The scholarship provides $7,800 CAD – about $5,500 U.S. – to live and conduct research.

The DAAD RISE program is open to STEM students at North American, British and Irish universities; only 300 scholarships are given out each year. Accepted students are matched with a university or institute in Germany based on their specific interest and given the opportunity to conduct research with a doctoral student or researcher. Students are given a monthly stipend to cover living expenses.

Emi, a pre-med biohealth sciences major, thought she would be a great fit when she found out about the Fulbright-MITACS Canada Globalink scholarship. “I decided to apply for this scholarship because I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand my knowledge and skill base. I strive to make the most of the time that I have, especially in an environment like OSU, where there are many opportunities to explore, learn and grow,” she explains.

When she got the news, Emi says, “I was very surprised…. During the selection process, I was not sure if I would make it to the end and am so grateful to be a recipient of such an incredible opportunity.”

Despite the cancellation, Emi hopes to continue collaborating with the Canadian lab she was connected with and possibly apply for a postgraduate Fulbright Canada award.

Emi credits much of her achievement to Dr. Adam Higgins, who gave her the opportunity to work in his bioengineering lab, which focuses on cryopreservation-related projects. “It has been a tremendous learning experience to be in his lab, and I am so grateful to have been exposed to research early on.”

After she graduates, Emi wants to apply to an M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. program and continue conducting research that will lead to better patient health outcomes.

Arthur, a computer science major, decided to apply for both scholarships because he has been interested in conducting research and simply “wanted to see what would happen” after receiving an email from LeAnn Adam. Arthur was shocked when he found out he had been accepted into both programs on the same day.

“It felt really great…it was really exciting to wake up and see both of those emails.”

In the end, Arthur decided on the DAAD RISE program because he was intrigued by their research opportunities, specifically their work on simulating autonomous vehicles in urban areas. He also was excited to be given the chance to study in Europe and experience the culture Germany has to offer.

Arthur is in the process of collaborating with a German Ph.D. student remotely in light of the recent outbreak. Although he connected with this new colleague through DAAD RISE, this work will not be affiliated with the program.

Like Emi, Arthur has been inspired by his support from faculty members, particularly Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jennifer Parham-Mocello and research advisor Cory Simon. Without them, he doesn’t think he would be where he is today.

In the future, Arthur would like to go to graduate school and work toward a Ph.D. in computer science. Then, he hopes to become a professor of the subject.

Although the programs’ cancellations are disappointing and unfortunate, LeAnn Adam says that the scholarship process has built important networks for both students, connections that have led to the collaborative research they are currently pursuing.

If you’re interested in learning more about or applying for national and international scholarships, you can contact LeAnn at https://topscholars.oregonstate.edu/. LeAnn is currently available for remote advising via Zoom and in-person sessions year-round once campus is open.

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