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HC Students Recognized with Global Consciousness Award

In the Honors College, students are globally conscious and actively strive to be good global citizens. This past year, five HC students in particular were recognized with the Global Consciousness Award and represented the Honors College at the Global Beavers Gala in the spring.

The award, from the OSU Global Beavers Team, honors students who have demonstrated global consciousness through their research, volunteer work, travel, language learning, and who embody global citizenship through their contribution to an inclusive community on campus that welcomes all people.

We’re excited to see where these students go and what they do around campus and around the world in the future.

(Above, from left): Logan Adams is majoring in ecological engineering and international studies. His research and service interests have led him to Nepal with the HC Building Homes and Hope service learning program and also to Guatemala as a water engineering intern for the organization Long Way Home.

Hamza Molvi participated in the alternative winter break service trip to Taos, New Mexico with the Honors College and Habitat for Humanity. With the Ettihad Cultural Center, he helped organize the Expressions of Peace Art Show on campus. This event shares art related to peace, justice and nonviolence throughout the world.

Ryan Khalife has a deep interest in US foreign policy in the Middle East. He conducted research on US drone strike policy and studied abroad in Cuba. He was a finalist for the prestigious Marshall and Schwarzman scholarships and has demonstrated leadership on campus, including through service in ASOSU and through mentoring in the INTO OSU conversant program. He was also the lead intern for Dr. Chris Nichols’ Citizenship and Crisis Initiative.

Mohammed Shakibnia serves as the public relations and outreach officer for the Muslim Student Association and organizes Diversity and Cultural Engagement programming across campus, including the HC-sponsored event “Social Justice, Race, DACA and the Muslim Ban with Professor Joseph Orosco.” He is majoring in political science and international relations and participated with the Honors College and Habitat for Humanity on the alternative winter break service trip to Taos, New Mexico.

(Not pictured): Helene Matschek is fluent in French (and has studied German) and is interested in how to increase mutual understanding and sustain peace and stability in Africa. As a 2017 Boren Scholar, she received funding for intensive study of the Wolof language through the African Languages Initiatives during a summer institute, followed by a semester-long study abroad program in Senegal, where she further studied the Wolof language and French, as well as took courses in African studies, development studies, anthropology and sociology, fieldwork and community service.

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