Welcome to What’s Past is Prologue – HMSC History, the Hatfield Marine Science Center’s history blog.

This year – 2015 – marks the 50th anniversary of the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Join us as we celebrate this venerable milestone with special events, historical displays and webpages, alumni speakers, oral histories and so much more. We hope you will enjoy ‘honoring the past and celebrating the future’ with us throughout the year.

Stay tuned to this blog for news of events, new web resources and other 50th anniversary news. An interactive feature, “Photo of the Week” will begin soon and run through 2015. We hope these photos will inspire you, our readers, to help us capture and share the multitude of stories of the Marine Science Center. We’ll also highlight our bright future, with updates on Oregon State University’s Marine Studies Initiative and plans for expansion at HMSC, OSU’s marine lab for 50 years and counting.

The Photo of the Week and webpages are made possible by many individuals, most notably the OSU Special Collections and Archives, recently retired HMSC Guin Librarian Janet Webster, and Sarah Borycki, 2014 PROMISE intern at HMSC who digitally archived hundreds of photos, articles and other memorabilia from our past 50 years of marine research, education and outreach at HMSC.


Yaquina Bay and Early OSU Marine Science Center with Research Vessel “Yaquina”, Circa 1970


About OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center: The center is a research and teaching facility located in Newport, Ore., on the Yaquina Bay estuary distinguished by its collaborative research partnerships. It plays an integral role in programs of marine and estuarine research and instruction, as a laboratory serving scientists from OSU and six federal and state agencies, as a base for far-ranging oceanographic studies and as a classroom for students.

For more information about HMSC’s 50th anniversary celebrations, contact Maryann Bozza at maryann.bozza@ oregonstate.edu or 541-867-0234.

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