Graduate Students

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What Do History of Science Graduate Students at Oregon State Do?

Graduate students in the History of Science community at Oregon State come in many varieties.  We have students pursuing an M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. in History of Science, as well as students taking History of Science as part of the Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.I.S.) and other degree programs throughout the campus.  Any advanced student interested in the intersection of science and the humanities can take our 500-level courses.

Each graduate student on the M.A./Ph.D. track in History of Science must enroll in the “cohort seminar” each term, usually HSTS 599, taught as a readings seminar with a different professor each term.  In addition, M.A./Ph.D. track students are expected to enroll in courses that explore the broad range of History of Science, namely HSTS 511 (Ancient and Medieval Science), HSTS 512 (Early Modern Science), HSTS 513 (18th and 19th Century Science), and HSTS 514 (20th Century Science).  For the M.A., at least two of these must be taken.  For the Ph.D., all of them.  Other courses should be taken according to the student’s chosen specialty.


Although all of our faculty do some mentoring, each potential Ph.D. student will work closely with a particular professor.  Before applying to OSU, look at our faculty pages to identify areas of interest that you might like to pursue, and consider contacting a professor directly about your plans.

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