SIFT Library Places 2nd in ACM MM ’10 OSSC

My Open-Source SIFT Library just won second place at the ACM Multimedia 2010 Open-Source Software Competition.  The competition was stiff, so it’s an honor for me to have my software recognized as one of the best among the many sophisticated packages it was up against.  Many thanks to ACM SIGMM and to the organizers of this year’s OSSC (especially the guys from the MICC at UniFi).  The competition and the MM ’10 conference as a whole were a great experience.

Update: The source code for the demo I gave during the OSSC is available here:

You need a webcam to run it.  All you have to do is compile it with my SIFT library, put your own target (the thing you want to find in the webcam’s video stream) and overlay (the thing you want to replace the target in the webcam’s video stream) images at ./target.jpg and ./overlay.jpg, and execute.  Press <space> to outline the detected target and ‘a’ to place the overlay image on top of it.  Should run in real time if you’ve got a reasonable enough processor.

Here are some screenshots of it in action:

SIFT Matches and the target detected in the webcam stream.
MAGIC! Overlay image placed in the webcam stream.
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