Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

I found the section on employee referrals to be the most informative and important to me. I always knew that having a large network is important and vital to your job career, however I never knew the details behind it. Like the fact that about half of the companies that are hiring tend to have formal referral programs and over 66% use referrals in general. That’s a huge amount and much more than I ever thought would. It’s almost like you need to know someone to get in somewhere. I also never knew that it was one of the more efficient recruitment methods, I always figured it would take away time, but I never thought about how using this method increases the likelihood of a successful candidate. However, this does limit some diversity if your office is not already diverse, which is also something I never thought about. There are some dangers to having this type of recruitment, so I think it is vital to establish a formal recruitment process, but always take a serious look into hiring outside of this. This is the most important thing to me because it pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and develop relationships with people that I would normally be intimidated by.