Step 2: After rewatching the minilecture, create a blog post where you write out brief answers (3-4 sentences each) to the four questions in the introspection exercise I recommended that you ask yourself on a monthly basis. If you don’t know the answers to these questions right away, that’s okay. I just want you to do your best and respond as honestly as you can. The value of this exercise is almost more in the asking than it is in the answering:

1. What am I good at?

I’m good at organization. I take charge and work hard, and control/hide my emotions well. I am good at being a leader, and also good at standing up for myself and others. I can be both a follower and leader, although I am more comfortable being in charge.

2. What do I value?

I value honesty, determination, and loyalty. If you work hard and keep me in the loop I have a great amount of respect for you. I value leaders who understand the importance of teamwork. I also value people who have goals and aspirations and who hold themselves accountable.

3. How did I get here?

Both my parents have worked incredibly hard to get where they are, so I believe I get my drive from them. I also have a great amount of organization because of my mom, and have learned to communicate well from my dad. I am the oldest sibling in my family, so I believe that is why I have a take charge attitude, and am an effective leader. I also have always had friends who have pushed me to think critically, and not just follow blindly.

4. Where am I going?

Somewhere. I’d like to think I will have many opportunities throughout my life, however I understand that I only really need one or two. So, I don’t really care what the destination is and more lean towards what I get to do and learn in the process. I’ve always wanted to be a project manager, however I have also thought about other management positions recently, so I’m excited to see where I go.

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