IPIP Results and Reactions

After taking the test I received two high scores, three averages, and one low. Extroversion was one of my high scores, which means I’m outgoing, excitable, and prefer to be around people. Agreeableness is low, meaning I am critical and uncompromising to peoples feelings in comparison with my own. Conscientiousness is high, which means I have clear and specific goals and I am seen as determined, reliable, and hard-working. Neuroticism is average, implying my level of emotion reactivity is normal, and I can get upset during stressful times, but am able to cope with them. My openness to experience is average which says I am good with tradition, but also with trying new things.

If a potential employer were to look at these results, I imagine they would say my strengths are my leadership abilities, goal-setting abilities, and drive. I have high extroversion and conscientiousness, so I love life and work to do the most and be the best in most things I do. This points to me being a hard-worker with usually great results, because I care. Neuroticism and openness to experience are average which means I tend to handle my emotions well, and am ready to do the job the normal way if that is how it needs to be done, but I am also open to new ideas or even creating new ways to do something if needed. However, my weaknesses tend to show themselves when I am stressed, upset, and most often arise when things go wrong. I have low agreeableness, which would concern a potential employer because I tend to not take into consideration how I am affecting others, which can cause problems in group projects and when I take on leadership roles. I will also be critical because I believe that people need to put in 100% all the time because that’s what I believe I do, so when I don’t see it I can get upset. My neuroticism and openness to experience are average, which I discussed above can be a good thing, but they can also have some bad affects as well. The average neuroticism points to disliking stressful situations, like I discussed above. The average openness to experience means that I don’t prefer new experiences per say, but instead have to decide whether I want to try something new. Depending on the business/company all of these things could be viewed differently, which makes this interesting and, to me, fun to discover and discuss.

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