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Think of the last job you had. How much did the job description influence your decision to apply for the position? How closely did your experience on the job match the job description? In what ways was it similar and in what ways was it different? If you have it available, please share a copy of the job description in your post.

When I was looking into various jobs, I wasn’t being picky. I wanted something that gave me some experience, allowed me to lean about project management, and ultimately I wanted to work somewhere that could work with my schedule. I found this job on the OSU cite so I knew it would give me experience and work with my schedule. Than I looked into the job further and discovered I could also lead events, or work with teams, and even possibly work with the pro-staff within the MU. I wasn’t sold, but I decided to apply and eventually got the job. I would say that I didn’t expect to thrive in the environment, but I did. I learned everything that the job cite said I would, and more.

I would say that the job posting named all of the typical skills that someone would learn within a job like this, and showed that there were opportunity to move upward and learn more skills as you advanced. However, the later skills it did not discuss in detail. Once I move up, I learned things that were not expressively stated in the job posting. Things like phone etiquette, customer service when something goes wrong, how to be decisive when you are unsure, and a ton of computer programs. However, the biggest thing I learned that wouldn’t be stated on the cite, was confidence in myself when it comes to doing new things.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. It sounds like in your job hunt you were very intentional with what you were looking for in a role. Do you think that had those later skills you mentioned had been listed in the original job posting this would’ve changed your decision as to whether or not you would’ve applied for that job?
It sounds like even though you weren’t initially 100% sold on the role, you still decided to apply and gained great skills along the way.

Nice job!


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