The Case for Recruitment and Selection

  1. Why might organizations decide to allocate more resources toward marketing or product design rather than using those same resources to do a really good job in employee recruitment and selection?

Organizations tend to believe that when you put money and resources into marketing and/or product design you are better able to make money and therefore succeed. They think that by investing in the product, they can make the perfect product and it will for sure sell because that’s what they advertise to their companies. Or even if they market to the right people than it will have to sell because they advertised it well and then had the right audience. It makes sense, since that is what your business is made up of, however many people forget that you can have the perfect product, or you can have the right marketing, but if your employees don’t work hard, or don’t have vision or creativity than your business will begin to fall apart.

  1. What are the potential strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s decision to not prioritize recruitment and selection in favor of a focus on other aspects of the business?

The strengths of an organization not prioritizing recruitment are things like we discussed above. Being able to focus and create the perfect product for the perfect client. Focusing on production and efficiency in order to create a great business strategy and structure. However the weaknesses are significant. Not prioritizing on recruitment of the right people create a business where employees are not working to the best of their ability for whatever reason. It could be because they were hired for the wrong job, don’t have enough experience, maybe they don’t have goals within the company, or don’t care about the companies morals. For whatever reason, you must have the right people working in your company, and its so important to invest in these people so that they can invest in your company.

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