Isabel’s Job Application Experience

  • Describe your experiences from the perspective of an applicant for the last job you for which you applied.

My current job was the most recent application process I experienced, and within the process I wanted something that would provide me with a wide variety of experience, but was hopeful for something within the project management realm. I actually didn’t originally think I would like it from the description, however it contained event work within its opportunities for growth, so I took a chance. I applied online, submitted a resume and cover letter, and answered the optional questions. I was called in for an interview a week later and within a couple of another job interview that had gone well, so I was confident.

When walking into the interview, I was surprised to discover that it was a group interview. I connected with one of my fellow interviewees and we ended up doing the interview activity together and completed it before anyone else did. As I was answering the interview questions, I realized some of the interviewers were people who already worked there. When question time came around, I asked them about their average day and which advancements within the job they chose to work towards. I left feeling more confident then from my past interviews and was excited when they offered me the job.

  • Explain how your experiences during the job application process shaped your impression of the job you were applying for and your desire to work there (or in some cases to not work there).

The actual interview shaped my impression of the job the most. I was able to see how people my age interacted with each other, and our boss. I was able to ask questions and get to imagine how I would fit into the atmosphere. Lastly, I got to see what type of person my boss would be, and experience how we interacted. It all made me want to work there more, I enjoyed the experience and felt comfortable even though it was my first group interview, and first interview being in front of a panel of interviewers.

I think the thing that made me most comfortable was getting to talk and get to know one of the other interviewers before the interview. We ended up having a ton in common, and it made me less nervous going in. In addition, if she could interview and wanted to work there, than I certainly could. Fun fact: we both got hired and are super good friends now!

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