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Listening to Web Pages

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In order to use text to speech I used Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Narrator. I followed the directions provided in order to set up the text to speech on my computer. I can say with certainty that I will not use this system in the future unless I absolutely have to. Having the material read to me was so distracting. I found it hard to concentrate on the material that was being read and the sound of Microsoft Anna was enough to give me a headache. I did not retain the information that was read aloud. I ended up having to go back and silent read the material in order to retain the information. I see how this feature could be useful for some people, however for me personally I found that I was not able to focus while using it.

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RSS Feed- Extra Credit

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RSS Blog Feeds © Heather Jones 2012.

RSS Blog Feeds © Heather Jones 2012.













I have never used the RSS feeds on my computer before so this was completely new for me. I can see the benefit of being able to quickly access information that you look at on a regular basis. The major benefit I see is the amount of time you can save. For example instead of logging into blackboard, then going to the homepage and selecting on a student’s name to see their blog I can now quickly pull it up from my bookmark tab. This is a tool that I plan on using more in the future.

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I do believe that this course meet the course objectives. I didn’t expect the class to look back at history so much when thinking about gender and technology. This class has made me more aware of the technologies that we use on a daily basis. I will also be more aware in the differences between gender and technology and as a woman I will make it a point to stay on top of changing technologies.  I hope that everyone has a great summer, and congrats to OSU 2012 graduates!

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I spent a large portion of my day working on the teach project. I’m excited to have a “rough draft” that is ready to be viewed by all next week. I’m also really excited to see what approaches other classmates took with this assignment. Next week I’ll focus on reviewing all of the information one last time and making adjustments here and there to provide for a better overall layout.

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As I mentioned in on my report page I only used one website to help me with my financial output data. The website I used was very user friendly and easy to navigate. This website saved me a lot of time since I would have had to manually do the math without it. For next week’s teach project I think that I’m going to create a lesson that will teach others how to list a product or services on Craigslist. A few other ideas I had were teaching someone how to use an Iphone, or teaching someone how to use Outlook for email.

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While only picking one dream to focus on was difficult I decided that I would like to pay off our mortgage early. I’ll look for articles that show how people in the past have been able to accomplish this and see if I am able to find any tips or tricks. Then I’ll analyze out budget to see if we are able to come up with additional money to put towards our mortgage on a monthly basis. Without researching anything I would assume that finding extra money in your budget would be one of the easiest ways to pay down your mortgage. This could be done by renting movies instead of going to the theater, cooking at home verses going to restaurants, and going on “stay- cations” instead of longer (and more expensive) vacations. Skipping a stop by the coffee hut in the money could result in an additional $100 per month and packing a lunch for work instead of eating out could result in a savings of $140 per month. Making small changes and carefully budgeting for basic items could result in a much shorter mortgage term and save thousands in interest.

My goal is to pay off my mortgage in 10 years but I’ll still need to research this more to see if it is financially possible.

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I’m really looking forward to our next project. Ideas are running through my head of all the things I want to do if money was not an object.  A few of my top ideas so far are;

–          Open a doggie daycare

–          Become a dentist

–          Move to Hawaii

–          Retire at the age of 35 (I’m currently 28)

–          Be able to be a stay at home mom (currently we do not have children)

I’m sure as I dive deeper into this assignment I’ll come up with a few additional topics as well but these are the first ones that jumped out at me.

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Adding Images

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As far as this project goes I think that uploading the images into my blog was the easiest part. I enjoyed looking for images to add that were applicable to Cher and the work that she has completed.

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Finally I’m all done with my Culture Assignment!!! While I enjoyed learning about Cher I must admit that I did not like this assignment. The articles from credible sources were limited and the articles that I was able to find all said the same thing more or less. I ended up not meeting my minimum word requirement because in order to do so would have resulted in me adding “fluff” to my paper which I felt would do more harm than good. It was difficult to find out any information about Cher’s childhood or even early adulthood for that matter. All of the information I found was related to her two most recent companies and focused on her as a business woman not as a wife and mother.

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Week 4

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I’ve sent an email to Jane asking for if she has any suggestions on additional material (websites, books, etc) on Cher Wang. I was able to find quite a bit of information using Google or Yahoo searches however I would like to find information about Cher from a more reliable source. I’m hoping to get some valuable tips from Jane.

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