Happy Harvest!

As the 2019 growing season winds down, the Plant Pathology program at HAREC is preparing for a fall and winter season of research, writing, and extending our work to all of you. We still have our own research trials to harvest, which will give us insights to the impact of soft rot inoculum in seed on overall potato yield, the affects of different fungicides and fumigants on the control of common potato pathogens, and what the microbiome of Columbia Basin-grown potatoes looks like. The Plant Disease Clinic is always open and available to help diagnose your post-harvest diseases and we expect to start evaluating grower’s soils for the presence and abundance of common pathogens.

We hope everyone checks back frequently to see what we are up to. We will be documenting our winter research and highlighting some pathogens and diseases that we think are pertinent to vegetable growers of the Columbia Basin. Happy Harvest and check back soon!