Week 5: Typical vs Maximal Performance

In the situation described, I would hire Avery. I feel like this is the obvious choice because, based on the description, this individual is highly skilled and uniquely talented at what they do. With such high potential, Avery brings to the table the possibility for process improvement, innovation, and strategic advancements. Avery is a slacker and gives minimal effort at times, which is unproductive and will cost my company money. However, if Avery’s unique skill set can save me more money than I am cost by the slacking, it will be worth it.

Avery is the type of employee that you want to hire to grow and improve your company. Avery will be a valuable asset to a company in terms of problem solving, process improvement, innovation, strategic planning, and unique situations that arise. Avery is competent and highly skilled. You can’t necessarily train someone to be like this. Avery needs motivation to work hard and apply himself, but if he is, he will be very valuable. 

Jamie is a hard worker and a strong hire for certain positions as well. Jamie is the type of employee that helps keep a company running in an operational role. She would be ideal for a functional role where consistency and dependability was needed. Jamie will thrive in a role that is not too challenging or intellectually demanding. I would place Jamie in a role where I could train her and then she could perform, such as in customer service, operating machinery, or potentially sales.

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