Week 1 – Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment & Selection

Many organizations may disagree with the opinion that employee recruitment and selection is the most important function of their business. Instead, an organization may place its greatest effort on product development, marketing, or accounting. For my counter-argument, I will assume that an organization prioritizes its product development, and why it might think just that. A company’s product or service is the reason a business exists; if you don’t have a product to sell or a service to provide, you don’t have a business. Your product will be the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks about your company or hears your name; you want this to be good, great even! This would be the argument for putting your greatest efforts into product creation and development. Additionally, the market is competitive and moves fast, if you slow down creation, you will fall behind. This is why a great deal of time, money and company resources must be put into the product you deliver.

The only benefit to not prioritizing employee recruitment and selection is the opportunity cost of putting more money into other essential functions and areas of the business. If you spend less time and money in HR functions, this money now becomes available for other things that can be used for monetary gains and advancement; this is a strength. However, there is a huge risk that companies will face if they choose not to prioritize recruitment and selection practices. These risks include financial loss, high turnover rates, damage to company reputation, and even lawsuits. To successful companies, this risk is not worth the potential gain.

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There are definitely risks to investing more money towards product development and less towards HR. At the same time, it is essential to invest in making a good and reliable product so that the company stays in business.

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