2-28-13_Indira Rajagopal

Indira Rajagopal first discovered her passion for teaching and education as a postdoctoral student. Though she intended to dedicate much of her time to research, she found teaching to be rewarding and full of satisfaction.”There’s something about explaining a subject that you love to somebody, and then they get it and get excited about it,” Rajagopal said.  “And then, when you see that returning spark in someone’s eyes, you see that people realize: ‘This is an amazing subject.'”  For Rajagopal, the importance of education comes from students being able to see the bigger picture and applying what they learn to what is going on in the world. If students can use the knowledge and skills they learn in school, then they can navigate the world, find something meaningful and figure out how to place random information into context. The University Honors College Eminent Professor award is now part of Rajagopal’s collection of teaching awards.  Rajagopal has been awarded the Carter award, the University Honors College Professor of the Year award and the OSU Beaver Champion award. (read more)