Andy with model caption

Andy describes the work as a “new assessment strategy for X-ray diffraction data that shows that current standards force people to throw away useful data (because they think they are too noisy), and that keeping these additional data will allow every crystal structure to be about 10% more accurate”. The work was begun during Andy’s sabbatical with Kay Diederich at the University of Konstanz last year.

The Science article, entitled ” Linking crystallographic model and data quality”, is accompanied by a Perspective by Phil Evans, entitled “Resolving some old problems in protein crystallography”. Protein crystallographer Dale Tronrud comments that the new method has the “potential to alter the routine practice of crystallographers around the world and has applications to many fields beyond crystallography”. For more about the Science article, see Nick Houtman’s “X-ray Vision” piece in OSU’s Terra.

Congratulations Andy on “revealing how life works”.

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