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6 more to go

December 2, 2012

It’s been 4 days since my crashing realization that I was running behind on models (well , OK so technically Markus was the one to point out this fact). On Wednesday I had 9 of 18 models completed. Between Wednesday and Sunday, we have tagged 4 more animals, and I have completed 21 of 22 models. The team was splitting into two groups last week, a scouting/recovery team, and Markus and I would come in later around noon after the team found animals to deploy tags on. A major point to this new scheme was in order to allow Markus and I to stay back in town to work on tags andmodels.  I was waking up as early as I could possibly convince myself, getting 3 to 4 models done in the morning before lunch, and then going out for double deployment days (a day where we tag two seals).

We had Saturday and Sunday in town, which largely consisted of working on models and trying to recharge for the coming week. We have another deployment set for a pup in the morning. The plan as of right now, is that we are only going to tag 6 more animals. 6 more models! I am extremely grateful that Markus pointed out how behind I was becoming. If he hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have realized how bad the situation was until the last week and then had no time to do anything other than model and I’m sure my stress level would have been through the roof. Now, it’s actually possible for me to keep up with the models as we go along. 6 more models! WOOOO.

Time to go tag a pup!


Weather for Monday December 3, 2012:

Skies: Partly Cloudy

Visibility (miles): Unrestricted

Winds: Calm

Temperature: -3°C or 26.6°F


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