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Last night, it was brought to my attention that I am starting to get behind on models. It’s an easy thing to do when we are racking up animals left and right. The girl team went out yesterday and scanned for prospective animals (Jo, Allyson, Rachel, and I). We managed to recover one animal, but couldn’t find another animal to tag. John and Markus stayed back and worked on fixing up tags.

As of yesterday afternoon I had 9 of of 18 models completed. By the time we went out this afternoon (Markus and I had a late start and went out in the Piston Bully after lunch) I had 13 of 18 models done. We tagged two more pups today, leaving me with 13 of 20 models completed. It’s kind of like fighting a losing battle, but all you can do is try and make progress and not fall too far behind. Markus and I are leaving later tomorrow morning as well, which should leave me with more time to catch up on some models. The pups take much less time to models than the adults, which leaves me wishing we only worked on pups.

Pups take about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to model, juveniles take an hour and a half, adults take two hours. That isn’t factoring in the time it takes for me to log the photos, pick a set, load them into Photomodeler, and reference the photo sets in Photomodeler. It’s been a bit difficult to stay positive the last couple of days. When you start playing the number game with how many (or how little) models I have modeled,  you start to feel like you’re already giving everything you’ve got and you have no idea how to give anymore without losing your sanity altogether, or facing the horrible possibility that your most just isn’t enough. Perseverance, that’s all I’ve got on my side right now.


Weather today:

Mean temperature: -10.1°C / 13.82°F

Wind Average: 17 knots

Skies: Mostly clear

Visibility (miles): Unrestricted

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