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Turkey Weekend

We tagged two more animals yesterday and although we spent all morning searching for candidates this morning, we returned home empty handed.  The running count for this week of doubles is 5 tagged animals since Tuesday. It takes all the time and energy I have after returning from a day of doing deployments to update the blog, log photos, and clean stomach tubes. Hence the reason I find myself yet again behind with my models. There are now 7 models from this season to model and 3 from last season that I haven’t quite gotten around to finishing just yet. The goal is to get all the models done by the end of the season, which is possible, it’s just difficult to find the balance between working out on the sea ice, working back at the lab, have fun/relax, and sleep. For now, we have been gifted with the weekend off, which is really more a miracle. Thanksgiving weekend is one of 3 holidays in town where “everyone” receives 2 days off from work. Most people on station work Monday through Saturday 7:30-5:30. Thanksgiving dinner will be tomorrow night, and this weekend will be filled with the potential of unwinding and spending free time with everyone else on station. Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot, a 5 km “race” that occurs on station. From my understanding people usually dress up in ridiculous costumes and walk/run/drink their way to the finish line. Apparently you earn yourself a free T-shirt, which quite frankly is my motivation at the moment for considering getting up at 9:30 am on my day off to run up a giant hill. Not usually the kind of thing I would consider fun, but with McMurdo’s rendition of a “race”, I think I might actually be tempted to cross the finish line.

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