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Snack Time!

Check out this hilarious, yet oddly enlightening video Henry Kaiser filmed and put together!

 Skyping with a class at Oregon State University

Things have been a bit slow as of late. Everyone has been doing different things, but mostly (for me at least), it seems that time has been mainly based in town. I am 3 models away from being caught up, which is fantastic since I know things will be crazy here in a few days once the pups are finally old enough to be worked on and we start cranking tagged animals out.

Allyson, Rachel, and John went on a pup recce (reconnaissance) a couple days ago, but the weather was quickly deteriorating throughout the day, and they didn’t end up finding any of the pups they were looking for. Allyson and Rachel went out looking for pups again today, and Henry and Markus went out on another recce today as well. John went diving with Henry yesterday at Tent Island, the site of our fish hut and the location of one of many Weddell seal breeding colonies.  Today, I received a pretty fantastic opportunity to act as a dive tender for a science group. I am extremely envious of all the scientists who dive for their research here. Antarctica is a beautiful place, no doubt about it, but the beauty underwater? From the little video and photos I have seen, it seems absolutely amazing. Think about it. When you come down to Antarctica, you’re one of how many people in the world to come to the bottom of the world? But then you factor in diving and then you’re literally one of the few people in the world who have been under the ice in Antarctica. Crazy.

I’m trying hard to meet new people and spend time away from work, trying to give myself a chance to decompress, and possibly help with the fact that I’ve been feeling increasingly antsy. The pups still aren’t ready to be worked on, so we’ll stay in town tomorrow. Just means more time to work on these models.


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  1.   Sissy Says:

    Love the footage and LOVE that you GRABBED the Pringles container and kept it in your hand during “snack time!”

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