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And the days goes on…

We’ve had the last two days off. I slept pretty much all day on Saturday, although I did manage to finish a model I had started earlier in the season. John did a time lapse of me building one of my models today, if it comes out I think it might be really neat. With time off things like laundry and taking a shower suddenly seem to take higher priority, which always seems to make a big difference once completed.

We did a double deployment on Friday, meaning we deployed tags on two Weddell seals. We worked with two large non-reproductive females, the first weighing in at 863 lbs and the second at 1145 lbs. We were definitely worn by the end of the day, but it was a fantastic day and I think everyone on the team felt pretty good about the fact that we had tagged 3 animals in 2 days.

We’ll be able to start working with pups and post-reproductive females in the next week or two and we’ve now tagged 9 animals this season. We currently have tags out on 4 animals and nearly everyone is on call now for a last minute decision on a recovery.

Report at the office at 9:00 am tomorrow morning, we’ll either be doing recoveries or another deployment of tags.

Time often loses meaning here. The hours and days seem to blur together. I can never seem to remember what day of the week it is. Days often feel like weeks and hours like days.

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~ by monninm on November 11, 2012 .

2 Responses to “And the days goes on…”

  1.   Aunt Clare Says:

    I love the pics of the penguins oh so sweet. I have to say I wish sometimes I had hours that seem like they are days. everything in our culture just seems to be screaming hurry hurry you are running out of time. I just can never figurer out what I am rushing around for.
    I really think I would love to come to Mc Murdo to work for awhile. The kitchen would be a good place for me don’t you think, I just wonder If I would get the chance to see the penguins….
    You have inspired me.
    Aunt Clare

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