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Black and orange confetti decorates the tables in OSU’s historic Memorial Union ballroom where a group of graduate students have gathered with their advisors to celebrate their accomplishments. Once a year, the Oregon State University Graduate School brings together all of their award winners for a celebration at an annual luncheon. This year nearly 150 students and faculty have come to enjoy lunch and reflect on the important work they all do.

Allison and her advisors

This work is highlighted by Ph.D. candidate Allison Barner as she takes the stage and briefly discusses her research in coastal marine ecosystems. The Lenore Bayley Graduate Fellowship she is receiving this year will allow her to deepen and extend this research in new and exciting ways. Allison expresses her gratitude to the Graduate School and all of the people who have made this possible.

Cynthia Sagers

Cynthia Sagers, OSU’s Vice President for Research, also takes the stage. She reminds the audience that they are each, in their own way, part of the enormous impact that OSU is having on Oregon and around the world. Just this past year, for example, OSU received over $300 million dollars in research funding, its highest level ever. This would not have been possible without the hard work of the people in this room.

Every year the Graduate School ensures that this work can continue by providing approximately $4 million in scholarships, fellowships, and awards to approximately 300 students. These funds make possible the incredible research performed by these exceptional students.

Check out more of the Graduate School’s awards and award recipients on their website.

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