May 16, 2018 – Intersections of Art and Engineering

Tonight, I participated to the “Intersections of Art and Engineering” event on campus where Engineering students meet faculty who combine one aspect of art with their engineering work, organized by Sarah Kyllo, Academic advisor in the college of Engineering. I tried to describe the frequent necessity for biologists to learn to draw what they saw either through the microscope or in nature for scientific illustrations. I mentioned the fact that climate change science communication through Art has been a valuable addition to the overall enterprise and cited the outstanding watercolors based on real data of Jill Pelto.

Many artists have contributed their artistic productions to show climate change such as the crochet blanket of Ellie Highwood based on temperature data or Deborah Sachs’ “Weatherscape” showing extreme events , the woven hanging “Watching The Glaciers Melt” by Denise Clise , the magnificent paintings of Adriana Seserko, or Fred Martin’s emotional paintings on the global warming theme, to mention a few.