Glider Bob decided to spring a leak late Friday (05/22) night. Is there any better timing than that? To make matters worse, Glider Bob was about as far offshore as possible with the prevailing currents pushing him offshore and to the south (cyan track).

Bob's Position

Fortunately, Justin was out on the Wecoma and they were able to recover bob early, early Sunday morning without much apparent hassle. We’ll have to talk to Justin to find out for sure. I monitored the recover via glider terminal and the Wecoma’s webcam, while I fed Dashel a bottle around 2am.


Laura left bright and early Tuesday morning on the Elakha to retreive bob from the Wecoma, her report: The transfer went well. Glider and cart were tied to a line and dropped in the water from the Wecoma, and we winched it on board the Elakha. We lucked out with the weather, and as far as I could tell Bob did not hit either of the two ships.
Now we’re waiting to hear from Anatoli just how much water is inside …