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We continued to have communication problems with SG157, so we decided to call on our Chilean colleagues to help with a rescue on July 10th. The Seaglider was close to the coast at the time, so the pilot worked to keep it as close as possible to the port of Iquique despite a current pushing it to the south.

The plan was to have a student, Nadin, fly from Concepcion to Iquique to help with the recovery, since he helped us with the deployments and recoveries back in March. We communicated with our Chilean colleagues mostly via Email, so sometimes things were happening there faster than we could follow. It turns out that before Nadin could get from Concepcion to Iquique, the Chilean Navy was already on sight and recovering our glider! Jack’s words were, “Chilean Navy to the rescue!” We were all surprised that they had gotten involved, but I guess it’s not every day that a misbehaving Seaglider needs to be rescued off of the Chilean coast. We were (are!) very grateful for their assistance, and they did a great job on the recovery. By the time they got the glider back to shore, Nadin was able to get there and shut the glider off with the magnet. All’s well that ends well in the world of Seagliders!

We received this clipping from a Chilean newspaper yesterday (click for bigger)…

Chilean newspaper article on the SG157 recovery

Chilean newspaper article on the SG157 recovery

We’re famous!

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Courtesy of our fearless photographer David Reinert, here’s a Slocum glider being launched off of Concepcion, Chile a couple of weeks ago.

Launching a Slocum the Chilean way

Launching a Slocum the Chilean way

Now, that’s a small boat!

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Amanda, Ricardo,

Here’s my impression of the TS diagram: