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I’m trying a drastic change in the science file to see if I can make any impact on the energy consumption. Right now the power remaining should get us to end of July, and this may work well for the timing of a MOOMZ cruise, but if the cruise gets delayed further having sg157 last as long as possible will be a priority. Here’s the new science:
// Science for OSU sg157 and/or sg158 with PAR sensor
/depth time sample gcint
50 4 1111 60
150 4 1111 120
250 52 1110 180
600 104 1110 300
1000 104 1100 360

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The change to the science file didn’t result in any substantial energy savings. See the blue line on the plot below

Ideally the blue and red curves, should parallel one another. We’ll have to try something more severe in terms of sampling the lower portion of the water column to save energy.