LatMix Dye Release 1

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We finished the first dye release experiment today.  It lasted a little under 24 hours, and was very successful. We were able to stay with the dye despite strong currents 40 cm/s. The goal for the glider survey was to fly a coherent pattern relative to a translating drifter. While we were piloting the glider I thought we were doing horribly, but when I plotted the relative trajectory I was pleasantly surprised (see the two figures). We ran right over the drifter!

Drifter tracks, glider doug's trajectory (thick blue line) and last route (aiming for the red waypoint).

Glider doug's trajectory relative to the pink drifter in the previous figure. Units are kilometers.

We recovered doug around 1 pm today – blazing hot sun, but nice and calm. The recovery went smoothly, and when we lifted the glider out of the water a dozen fish took off swimming every which way! They were hiding out under our glider. I’ve heard of this happening, but it was still cool to see it.

We found a new survey site and started pumping dye around 6:30, finished around 8pm and deployed the glider at 9pm.  We used Chris’s quick release – not because we needed to, but because we had brought it with us, so why not use it. It worked great.

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Amanda Whitmire on 5 August, 2010 at 13:29 #

Great news, Kipp! I had to laugh about the fish. I’ve heard about that happening, too, but haven’t seen it in person. I wonder if they will show up in the backscattering data?

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