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Doug was deployed at 17:32 today (dinner time: spaghetti with meatballs and sausage!).

We deployed in the “normal” fashion from doug’s cart off the starboard side of the ship; the Hatteras is pretty low to the water and it is very calm. I slid doug off and Chris kept doug away from the side of the ship with the pole.

We are conducting a 24-hr survey, after which we will recover and prepare to redeploy tomorrow evening.

Doug is struggling to stay in position relative to the drifters – currents are surprisingly strong (20 cm/s dive-averaged), but we are in the general vicinity!

Doug is on three hour call ins now to try to make some headway on the drifters. Chris will pilot starting at midnight. I will help him get started and nap between calls.

Other ops are going well. Brian Guest (WHOI Tech) had an under water camera and filmed the dye being deployed at 25 m depth – very cool! The water is so clear you could also see it from the surface.


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