Gliders Head East

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As part of the Lateral Mixing Project, Glider Doug and Glider Russ set sail out of Beaufort NC on the R/V Cape Hatteras Monday morning. During the vessel’s seven day cruise the multi-organization science team will run several trial experiments characterizing the way upper ocean waters mix laterally. Experiments will utilize dye to trace the currents, sensors to follow the dye’s path and Lagrangian floats to ride the current. Gliders will run survey lines relative to one of the floats characterizing the water properties that move the float and the mixing currents.

Results from this trial cruise will prepare for the team for the full run next summer that will include three coordinated research vessels, airplane-based LIDAR and our Slocum gliders. Results from the experience will help us understand a fundamental feature of energy transmission through the ocean and help us create better computer models.

Chris Ordonez

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