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Version control

Accessing an SVN repository via

I will have given you a project name PROJECT (and, if you don’t already have an engineering account at Oregon State University, account information).  You will start by accessing a directory on your local computer where you would like to work on PROJECT.  At a command line, you will type:

svn co ‒‒username USER

Where USER is your ENGR username.  You will be prompted for your assigned password.  The files for the project will then appear in a new directory called PROJECT.

Generic SVN instructions

To update your local copy, place yourself in this new directory (PROJECT) and type:

svn update

After you have changed a file (FILE.FIL) and wish to upload (“commit”) your changes to the server:


If you would like to add a file (FILE.FIL) to the repository:

svn add FILE.FIL

and then commit.  If you try to commit and svn tells you that your version is not up to date, update your local copy, handle any merging conflicts and commit your new version.  Only commit files that compile.

For more details on subversion, see the online manual.

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